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Women in 20th century Coventry


Keeping the Balance


Following in the series of ‘Redressing the Balance’ and ‘Hurdy Gurdy Days’, this book, ‘Keeping the Balance’ from The Women’s Research Group, continues to celebrate the achievements of Coventry women in the twentieth century. The group which has produced this collection of profiles wish to reveal the extraordinary stories of ordinary women to show that their history, long overlooked, is absorbing, compelling and above all important in our understanding of the world around us.

In this volume, as in the previous two books, the researchers followed their own interests and do not claim that the result is representative of Coventry women during this period. Their articles merely scratch the surface, for there are many incredible stories still untold. They hope to inspire others to continue to look into the fascinating history of Coventry women who have done so much to fashion the city and the lives of its people.

This Book is no longer available in paper format and is Downloadable as a pdf file