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December 2015 Journal 1.35 MB 3 downloads

Contents: Artefacts Evening Christmas Greetings Pawnbrokers’ Tickets The Chairman’s…

September 2015 Journal 1.41 MB 2 downloads

Contents:   The Great War Memorial Panels in the St. Peters Centre, Coventry St…

June 2015 Journal 1.45 MB 2 downloads

Contents:   A Daimler in the Family Arthur Hutt VC 1889 – 1954 Family History…

March 2015 Journal 1.30 MB 1 downloads

Contents:   Sights, Sounds and Smells of an old Coventry Street in my day Twenty…

December 2014 1.52 MB 4 downloads

Contents:   George Daniel Budd’s Apprenticeship Timepiece Matilda Tansley – a…

September 2014 Journal 1.54 MB 2 downloads

Contents:   Walking in their Footsteps Letters to the Editor Further Information…

June 2014 Journal 1.36 MB 2 downloads

Contents: Great Aunt Jane and her Husband Cancellation of Meetings William Henry…

March 2014 Journal 1.55 MB 3 downloads

Contents:   Commemorative Medal and two Badges Family Memories of the Great War…

December 2013 Journal 1.41 MB 4 downloads

Contents:   The Coventry Ribbon Trade in 1861 Three Little Boys from Dudley 1839…

September 2013 Journal 1.21 MB 2 downloads

Contents:   Astley Castle Cancellation of Meetings Office Staff Practices 1852 Spon…