Evolution of Coventry’s Anglican Parishes

Early Anglican Parishes in the Coventry Area

Coventry has grown over the centuries and now covers a much larger area than it did 500 years ago.  All the parishes shown in this list existed when parish registers were started in 1537 and have either become part of Coventry or have lost part of their area to new parishes which are now part of Coventry.

Parish Created
Coventry, Holy Trinity 1113
Coventry, St Michael 1144-48
Allesley, All Saints ca.1130
Baginton, St John the Baptist early 13th C
Binley, St Bartholomew ca. 1086
Exhall, St Giles  
Foleshill, St Laurence early 12th C
Stivichall, St James 12th C
Stoke, St Michael early 12th C
Stoneleigh, St Mary late 12th C
Walsgrave On Sowe, St Mary by 1259
Wyken, St Mary Magdalene by 1259

Additional Parishes – Where did they come from?

As Coventry expanded some of the parishes were split to create new parishes.  This list shows when the later parishes were created and which parishes they took from.  If you are following a family back through the parish records and come to the start date this list will help you decide which parish they may have transferred from.  Only parishes created before 1950 are shown. Note also that some churches were originally built as chapels of ease and have registers dating from before the formation of the new parish.

Parish Created From
All Saints 1869 Holy Trinity; St Michael; St Peter
Christ Church 1900 St Michael
St Albans (Stoke Heath) 1939 Wyken
St Andrew (Eastern Green) 1876 Allesley
St Anne (Stoke) 1930 All Saints; St Mark
St Barbara (Earlsdon) 1922 St Michael; St Thomas (Butts)
St Barnabas (Red Lane) 1933 St Mark
St George (Coundon) 1935 St John the Baptist; St Nicholas; St Thomas (Keresley)
St John the Baptist 1734 St Michael
St John the Baptist (Westwood) 1866 Stoneleigh
St Luke (Holbrooks) 1935 St Paul; St Nicholas; Exhall
St Margaret (Ball Hill) 1913 St Peter; Stoke
St Mark 1869 Holy Trinity; St Michael; St Peter
St Mary Magdelene (Chapelfields) 1926 St Michael; St Thomas (Butts)
St Nicholas (Radford) 1912 Holy Trinity
St Paul (Foleshill) 1842 Foleshill, St Laurence
St Peter (Hillfields) 1842 Holy Trinity
St Thomas (the Butts) 1844 St John the Baptist
St Thomas (Keresley) 1848 Holy Trinity; St Michael
St Thomas (Longford) 1908 Exhall; Foleshill; Walsgrave

Divided Parishes – Where did they go?

The opposite problem occurs if you are tracing forward and a family appears to move out of a parish.  This could be because a new parish was created so they moved parish without moving house.  This list will help you solve this sort of problem.  Again only parish splits before 1950 are shown.

Parish Date Split Parish Formed
All Saints 1930 St Ann (Stoke)
Holy Trinity 1842 St Peter (Hillfields)
1848 St Thomas (Keresley)
1869 All Saints
1869 St Mark
1912 St Nicholas (Radford)
St John the Baptist 1844 Coventry, St Thomas (the Butts)
1935 St George (Coundon )
St Mark 1930 St Ann (Stoke)
1933 St Barnabus (Red Lane)
St Michael 1734 St John the Baptist
1848 St Thomas (Keresley)
1869 All Saints
1869 St Mark
1900 Christ Church
1922 St Barbara (Earlsdon)
1926 St Mary Magdelene (Chapelfields)
St Nicholas (Radford)  1935 St George (Coundon)
1935 St Luke (Holbrooks)
St Peter (Hillfields) 1869 All Saints
1869 St Mark
1913 St Margaret (Ball Hill)
St Thomas (the Butts) 1922 St Barbara (Earlsdon)
1926 St Mary Magdelene (Chapelfields)
St Thomas (Keresley) 1935 St George (Coundon)
Allesley, All Saints 1876 St Andrew (Eastern Green)
Exhall, St Giles 1908 St Thomas (Longford)
1935 St Luke (Holbrooks)
Foleshill, St Laurence 1842 Foleshill, St Paul
1908 St Thomas (Longford)
Foleshill, St Paul 1935 St Luke (Holbrooks)
Stoke, St Michael 1913 St Margaret (Ball Hill)
Stoneleigh, St Mary 1866 St John the Baptist (Westwood)
Walsgrave, St Mary 1908 St Thomas (Longford)
Wyken, St Mary Magdelene 1939 St Alban (Stoke Heath)