The Society ‘flagship’ is the Journal. This is the connection between the Society and ALL members. Not only does the Journal include details of what Society and family history events are taking place, but it also contains personal stories and articles from both members and non-members. These can be anything from family researches, past individual experiences or even social memories of times gone by. Members who are unable to attend meetings, receive a ‘write up’ of the talk by our excellent guest speakers each month. This can be anything from the Ffestiniog Railway to George Eliot, the Magic Circle to the Titanic. A real treasure trove of information.

Looking back through the journals over 25 years, you can build up an image of how life has changed, even over this short period. These changes are reflected in the stories and photographs included each quarter. All members need to do is put pen to paper and their memories are published in the journal for all to enjoy. Everybody has a history and stories of either their family or how their family lived. These are not only interesting, but can be a great reminder to readers about how life was years ago.

The following two short paragraphs are from previous journals:

The Great War – the busiest town in England.

John Frank Buckingham was a small manufacturer of light cars in Spon Street. He was an inventor and turned his attention to the threat from Zeppelin air raids, and he came up with a phosphorus tracer bullet which exploded on impact. It was claimed that his bullet brought down all but one of the Zeppelins shot down over Britain. His firm made 26 million bullets’.

‘Yeoman and Lunatic ????’

What did this mean? After asking my father, all he told me was it was something that came around every sixth generation. On further checks I found that the sixth generation was me. Thanks dad….’

The Journal is also a platform to get requests for ‘members interests’ published to help with your research. Why re-invent the wheel? Add your names and wait to see if anybody has the information you are looking for.