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Ref.Document TitleMore InformationAuthor / Publisher
A4Terrible Murder of a Policeman
A5Living in Far Gosford St
A6Entertainment before TV Hillfields
A7Fun & Games Hillfields
A8A Family at Albert St Hillfields
A9Miss Knight Remembers Hillfields
A10Life & Work in the Home Hillfields
A11Looking Back at School Days Hillfields
A12Places Remembered in Hillfields
A13Sights & Sounds in Old Hillfields
A14Harvest of History J B Shelton MBERylatt & Montes
A15Harry Weston Man of Coventry
A16Coventry Old & NewNewbold
A17Coventry in Old PhotosMcgrory
A18Coventry 1930-1940Keene
A19Coventry We Have LostVol 1Fry & Smith
A20Coventry We Have LostVol 2Fry & Smith
A21Coventry Transport 1884-1940Denton & Groves
A22Trial & Hanging of Mary Ball
A23St Laurence Foleshill
A24Guide to Stoke St Michaels Church
A25History of Stoke St Michaels 1100-1992
A26St Thomas’s Church Longford
A27John Wesley& Methodism in Coventry
A28Chronicles of Barrs Hill 1850-1982Adams
A30The House in the ParkStoke Park School
A31Miracle in Sky Blue CCFC 1952-1970
A32So You Think You Know Coventry?
A33100 Questions & Answers of the History of Coventry
A34Coventry’s Early Ward Boundaries
A35Coventry Cameos
A36List of Persons Voting in Election 1741
A37Two Coventry Shoemakers Become Indiana Farmers
A38The Story of Coventry Schools Rugby Union
A39Coventry Cathedral & the Men Who Made ItPoor Condition
A40Golden Years Coventry Hippodrome
A41Coventry & its People in the 1520’s
A42Haunted CoventryMcgrory
A43Phoenix at CoventrySpence
A44Annals of the Poor
A45Children?s History of Coventry
A46Images of EnglandCoventry
A47The Coventry Tweeds
A49Black Death in Coventry
A50Earlsdon Heritage TrailM Montes
A51Earlsdon Cottage InnM Montes
A52Memories of Chapelfields & EarlsdonM Sutherland
A53Old St Thomas Butts ChurchM Montes
A54Bluecoat C of E SchoolD Sharpe
A55Victorian Schools in 19th C CoventryJ W Docking
A56People to CoventryMigration from Early Times
A57Coventry between the WarsA Stringer
A58Coventry 1930-1940Duplicate A18Keene
A59Portrait of CoventryE Newbold
A60Allesley Civil Parish Chest
A61Godiva’s Heritage Coventry IndustryFry & Smith
A62Ribbon Family LettersT Davis
B1Another Country Stoneleigh WW1Woolf
B2Bablake School and Great WarHarkin
B3Bablake School & Second World WarHarkin
B4Bedworth & Great WarHarkin
B5Coventry under Fire
B6Doing Its Part NoblyKing Henry 8th School in Great War
B7Fire in Coventry
B8Photos of Who Served in WW1Harkin
B9Roll of FallenWW1Harkin
B10Roll of FallenWW2Harkin
B11War Memorial ParkHarkin
B12April 1941 Forgotten Air RaidsHarkin
B14Identifying WW1 Soldiers From BadgesSwinnerton
B2314/15 November 1940 CoventryHarkin
B24Kenilworth & Great WarSusan Tall
B25Earlsdon at WarHarkin
B26Coventry at WarAlton Douglas
B28Records of the Royal Marines
B29Tracing Your Boer War AncestorsJane Robinson
B30Tracing Your WW2 AncestorsPhil Tomaselli
B82Departed WarriorsMurland
C1Allesley in Times PastPalmer & Parkinson
C2Far Gosford St
C3Folks HillCowley
C4Holbrooks History
C5Official Street Map of Coventry
C6Red Lane Reminiscences
C8Within the City Walls
C9Mystery of Coventry CappersKing
C10Guilds of CoventryDugdale
C11Coventry City Charters
C15Coventry Directory 1790
C17Coventry Trade Directory Transcriptions 1783-4, 1805-7, 1814-17
C19Registers of Holy TrinityBaptisms
C20Registers of Holy TrinityPart iii
C21Registers of Holy TrinityPart iv
C22Registers of St MichaelsBishops Transcripts
C22a Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1640, 1662-1691
C22b Baptisms, Marriages & Burials1716-1742
C22c Baptisms, Marriages & Burials1691-1716
C22dHoly Trinity 1663-1745
C23Coventry Then & NowMcgrory
C24Coventry A Century of NewsAlton Douglas
C25Coventry SuburbsMcgrory
C26Memories of CoventryAlton Douglas
C281833/5 FreemanSuitors & Precepts
C29Story of CoventryPeter Walters
C301000 Years of Coventry PubsJohn Ashby
C31Coventry in 50 BuildingsMcgrory
C32Coventry Development Plan 1951
C33Coventry’s HeritageFox
C34Coventry 600 Years Municipal LifeSmith
C35Domesday Book Warwickshire
C37Medieval Towns CoventryHarris
D1Starving in Bedworth
D3Discovering Bickenhill
D4East WarwickshireMillward & Robin
D6Royal Leamington Spa
D7Nuneaton in the Making
D8Plague & EnclosureGooder
D9Yesterdays Town Kenilworth
D22Victorian Village Life
D24Leamington’s Czech Patriots
D25George Eliot’s Nuneaton
D26Gunpowder Plot- Throckmortons of Coughton
D27Men & Mining in Warwickshire
D28History of Maxstoke Castle
D29Guide to Leamington etc. 1909Ward Lock
D30History of Warwickshire
D39Warwickshire Cemetery Records
D46WarwickshireArthur Mee
E1Birmingham Assay Office1773-1993
E5Atlas & Index of Parish Registers 1995Phillimore
E25South West Family Histories
E26Tracing Dorset Ancestors
E30Leicestershire1851 Census Index
F2Guide to Your Ancestor’s LivesNick Barratt
F3Encyclopaedia of GenealogyWDYTYANick Barratt
G1Departed WarriorsJerry Murland
G2Identifying Your WW1 SoldierSwinnerton
G3Location of British Army Records1914-1918
G4WW1 Army AncestrySwinnerton/ Holding
G5Sources of WW1 Army AncestryHolding
G6Militia Lists & Musters 1757-1876
G6aZulu War 1879Tomaselli
G7Records of Officers & Soldiers who have served in The British Army
G8/G9War Memorials on the WebPart 1 & Part 2
G10aMaking Contact with Your Relatives
G11Records of the Royal Marines
G11aNo Time for HistoryMclaughlin
G12Beginning Your Family HistoryPelling
G12aIntroducing Family HistoryRaymond
G13One Place GenealogyHawgood
G14Record Offices & How to Find Them
G15Specialist Indexes for Family HistoriansGibson
G16Using LibrariesRaymond
G18Lunatics in England & Wales for Family Historians
G20Tracing Labour Movement Ancestors
G20aFamily Historians Pocket DictionaryRaymond
G21British Civil RegistrationWood
G22Coroners’ Records
G22aProtestation Returns 1641-2Gibson
G37Battle of Trafalgar List of Ships and Officers
G38Passenger & Crew ListRMS Titanic
G39Annals of the PoorMclaughlin
G50aMy Ancestor Was a Railway WorkerHardy
G66Marriage Law for GenealogistsRebecca Probert
G67Divorced Bigamist BereavedRebecca Probert
G68Oxford Companion to Local & Family History
H5Charles Ager 150 Anniversary
H6A C Wickman
H7The Evening & the Morning- Armstrong Siddeley
H8CourtauldsVol 1 Silk & CrepeColeman
H9CourtauldsVol 2 Rayon
H10Coventry Cycles
H11D Di Mascio’s Delicious Ice Cream
H12Working at MasseysTyrrell
H13Wheels within Wheels- StarleysWilliamson
H14Coventry Fire Brigade 1861-1974
H15Incident ClosedFire Service in Coventry
H16True as Coventry Blue 1836-1914