Latest Past Events

June 2024 Meeting

The Magna Carta by Dr Erik Grigg Erik is a history lecturer at Lincolnshire University. This entertaining presentation will make the Magna Carta medieval life of King John relevant with many anecdotes of unrest.  Erik highlights some of the clauses of the written laws, actions affecting a persons liberty and the church!  

May 2024 Meeting

The speaker is Martin Harrison. The title of his talk is "Bablake's Last Casualty". Martin is a collector and researcher of Orders, Decorations and Medals.  He will be looking at a group of medals awarded to a local Coventry Soldier who was killed in action in World War I, Reginald Thomas Beaufoy.  Martin will detail […]

April 2024 Meeting

The speaker is Jean Renwick. The title is "Researching the Mourning Brooch, a saga about Real People." Novelist Jean Renwick’s extensively illustrated talk will reveal years of painstaking research behind the first two books of her family saga, The Mourning Brooch, based upon the lives of real Yorkshire people who lived in the second half […]