School Admissions  –  Please Read

The Warwickshire Schools Admission’s Record Books were obtained from Warwick County Records Office and transcribed and checked by members of Warwickshire Family History Society. They are a superb collection of 33 schools and almost 66,000 records, dating back to the early 1800s. During this time, some of the schools within these records were in rural villages in the County of  Warwickshire.

Permission has been granted by Warwickshire Family History Society to re-produce the records and publish them within the ’Members Area’ of our website.

The following information is included within the dataset:

Surname, First Name/s, and Address are on the main viewing page. The ‘+‘ sign on the left opens up further fields for School,  School Code, Registration No, Date Admitted, Date Re-admitted, D.O.B,  Parent, Last School, Last attend, Reason for Leaving and Notes.  (Where there are blanks, no records were entered on the original documents).

Please be aware that the dataset contains some duplication of records where pupils have changed schools, either advancing to a higher school, or moving residence. This is particularly common amongst the villages with farming communities. There are also records for later built schools, like New Bilton.

Due to the size of the complete record set, the data has been divided into sections to ensure the speed of opening the file is maintained. The records are in alphabetical order of surname.

Please note that the records have been transcribed as written and the spelling of names may vary. It is suggested that when searching, you use all variables of the name as possible to obtain all results.

Our thanks to Warwickshire Family History Society  and Warwick County Records Office members and staff.