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Once again, we hope you are all safe and healthy and finding lots to occupy yourselves with, as you self-isolate.

The Committee have taken the decision to write off the rest of this year and cancel the November and December meetings. Although the lock-down is now relaxing, we feel the risks to our members and their families are still greater than the need to hold a monthly meeting.

It is a big decision that we have taken and we hope you will understand. There are many of our members who will not be ‘coming out to play’ yet, and we have an obligation to inform and cancel speakers etc. in a timely manner.

Speakers are however being booked for 2021 in the hope that we will all be paroled from the internment within our own homes.

We will continue to monitor the situation and any further decisions will be made as more information and guidance is made available. 

Please stay healthy and we look forward to the time when this is all over.

Paul Salisbury, Chairman
Coventry Family History Society                                
4 July 2020