The Undoing of Polly Button – A Musical Interpretation

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This was the talk given to the Society by Steve Moore at the April 2021 meeting .

In 1832, Mary Green (a.k.a. Polly Button) was brutally murdered by her lover John Danks in Nuneaton. Danks was tried, found guilty, hanged and then dissected. The two had one child together, and Polly was eight months pregnant with a second. So what precisely had caused their relationship to shatter and why was Danks set on a path to the gallows?

We have received the following from Steve Moore:

“I thought you might be interested to know that there is to be a special performance of Katherine Fear’s musical interpretation of Polly Button’s story at the impressive Albany Theatre in Coventry on 25th February 2023. Katherine, a talented local singer songwriter, composed 16 songs based on the story told in the book and framed them within a relevant narration by Nuneaton’s most famous literary daughter, George Eliot. The premiere performances took place in February last year and were followed by performances at several festivals later in the year.

This wonderful theatre should provide a most attractive theatrical setting for the work and has been booked to meet increasing interest arising from ‘wow’ reviews and word of mouth from those who attended some of last year’s performances.”