Our Present for future generations on record

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Having had contact from another Society and seeing what they are proposing has made us realise there are things we can do during this ‘lock-down’ that will help us get through the insanity of being isolated. Not only that, as stated below, it will be a great source of knowledge for future generations to realise what it was like for people during a period of great concern and uncertainty.

Please read the following, and if you agree, send us all your thoughts, comments and articles and we will keep them for future reference. Anything is welcome which will help to build the bigger picture for when we become the ‘Ancestors’ of our children’s children.

Just like any other national event – such as a general election or the late referendum on membership of the E.U. – we need to collect material which will reflect the local impact and response.

Therefore, we are asking YOU to assist us in amassing this material so that we can also create an archive to record Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and its effect upon Coventry, Warwickshire and more importantly, the People.

Many of you will be stuck indoors for much of the time, and we would like to ask you to begin to record life where you are and especially the changes you notice in your community.  When you take your daily exercise, please think of taking a camera (or your ‘phone) with you and photographing anything which you think might tell the story of this epidemic.  You might capture the empty toilet-roll shelves in your local supermarket, or the queue outside a pharmacy.  We would also like to see the signs which have appeared about ‘social distances’ or limits on the number of people indoors at any one time, and rainbow pictures in windows.

Please also collect any notices, messages or leaflets you see.  We have picked up a message from the milkman, and notice of a cancelled AGM, but anything which will tell future generations what we went through in 2020 is worth keeping.  Once again, if in doubt keep it!

Please keep a record of what you have photographed, together with when and where, and do the same for any other items, unless they are self-explanatory.  Keep these for the time being and either bring them or send them to us when we reopen.

Most of all, think about recording your own thoughts and feelings.  This is a momentous global event and future generations – the family historians yet to be born – will want to know what it was like.  After all, what wouldn’t we give to know how our ancestors coped with the Black Death, Cholera or the infamous 1918 ‘flu?  What is your daily routine?  What are you finding the most difficult or easy?  Do you feel frightened, angry, resigned or curious?  Are you living with the family or completely alone?  Whatever your views or situation, we want to hear about it and the more we have the better understanding future generations will have.  Why not also try to get other people involved. Grandchildren are a great source to write or draw pictures about their experiences?

A Warning:  Please make sure you are following government health advice and do not put yourselves at risk to collect items or take photographs. Finally, only do this during periods you would normally be outside and also please remember to be respectful of other people’s privacy and property.”

So have a think and see what you could maybe do and offer. Even if the Herbert doesn’t run anything like this, you will have created an archive of your own to pass down to future generations in your own family.