News on Our Databases

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We have updated our databases to give an improved appearance and an easier search / filter facility.

The databases involved are :

The Convicts Register, Lascelles Trade Directory, The Canal Boat Register, Pawnbrokers Tickets, CovFHS Journal Index, The Society Library Index and Members’ Interests.

The filter boxes now refer to specific fields. They contain drop down lists which include all entries in those fields.  This means that you can see spelling variations and the mistakes of the compilers. You can skip down the list by entering the initial letter of the entry you are searching for.

There is now a Print button which will output the results of your filtering. Please note the page count on the Preview page before pressing the second Print button in case the list is too large!

For users on Mobile phones or laptops with small screens where width is limited, we have initially only presented minimum information to eliminate scrolling/multiline displays on certain tables. To see all the information in an entry, select the plus (+) sign at the left side of the entry. The extra data is then displayed vertically below.  Pressing the minus (-) sign will collapse the entry.