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In view of the current situation with the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19) the Committee of The Coventry Family History Society are implementing the following measures since many of our members, volunteers and their relatives fall within the vulnerable and high-risk group within the population.

Monthly Committee Meetings  – CANCELLED  –  APRIL and MAY.
Members Monthly Meetings – CANCELLED  –  APRIL and MAY..
Society Activities – CANCELLED  –  APRIL and MAY.

Administrators and Project Volunteers

  • In order to administer Sales/Publications, Membership and Accounts and to perform their roles, direct contact should be kept to a minimum.
  • Where possible, all administration will be done at home.  
  • Volunteers will receive packs of transcribing via email as needed which will cut down the need for direct contact.
  • Volunteers working at Archives and Libraries are advised to only visit when absolutely necessary.
  • Volunteers are strongly advised to refrain from using public transport as this may present a higher risk. 

The Committee will continue to monitor the situation and will advise as soon as further information is available. 

Please stay safe, as we hope we can work through this and all enjoy a party when it is over.

Paul Salisbury, Chairman