Foleshill Union Workhouse Punishment Book

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This booklet is now availa ble as a download. This is a searchable PDF document and should be viewable on any  system with a suitable pdf viewer.

Few family historians will be ‘lucky’ enough to find their own ancestor named in this booklet. Very few will have been touched personally by Foleshill Workhouse but very many of us have at least one ancestor who was born, lived at, or died in a workhouse somewhere in this country. This document will give a flavour of the activities which went on in these institutions and something of the spirit of the inmates.

This book will enable you locate quickly if you have any aberrant ancestor incarcerated in the Foleshill Union workhouse. If you flick straight to the back pages and, finding no family name of yours, discard this booklet, you will indeed be missing a wealth of human interest stories.