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June 2013 Journal 3.33 MB 4 downloads

Contents:   The Official ‘Thank You’ for the Returning Cannon Fodder! A Man’s…

March 2013 Journal 1.60 MB 2 downloads

Contents:   The Albany Theatre Word Definitions from the ‘First English Dictionary…

December 2012 Journal 1.47 MB 2 downloads

Contents:   Coventry Technical College Locarno and Libraries – Some memories of…

September 2012 Journal 1.35 MB 2 downloads

Contents   A Lifetime’s Service to the Cathedral Church of St Michael Richard…

June 2012 Journal 1.28 MB 2 downloads

Contents   Royal Jubilee Celebrations in 1887 Found in John James Glasgow – RAFVR Advertisement…

March 2012 Journal 5.37 MB 3 downloads

Contents   The Daily Telegraph Obituaries – Major Lionel Meynell Advertisement…

December 2011 Journal 5.37 MB 1 downloads

Contents   Commonwealth War Graves Commission Watch-makers of Earlsdon Temporary…

September 2011 Journal 4.64 MB 2 downloads

Contents Featured School – The Woodlands School. Kingsbury Road Helping the Society…

June 2011 Journal 4.63 MB 3 downloads

Contents Featured School – Coventry Bluecoat School Welcome to Jacqui Stivichall…

March 2011 Journal 6.63 MB 2 downloads

Contents Featured School – Barrs Hill My experience of the Coventry Blitz November…