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A Guide to Downloading CovFHS Databases

The database, the associated program and documents are downloaded in a single Zip file. Depending on the browser and virus protection software you are using, you may encounter warning messages that downloading a Zip file is potentially unsafe. If you intend to heed this warning message, please do not purchase this download. We cannot reimburse users who download and then fail to install the software.

After purchase, the download will be available for 7 days.


Select BOOKSHOP on the Main Menu.

In the Product Categories box, select Database Download.

In the Search Our Products box, enter part of the database title (e.g. Canley for Canley Garden Cemetery).

Click on Search.

Click on Add to Basket for the required database.

The basket icon above the main menu will now display the number 1 to indicate you have one product ordered.

Point to the basket icon with the cursor.

Click on View Basket if you wish to make changes to your order.

Click on Proceed to Checkout.

Fill in your delivery details.

Click on Place Order

You will be redirected to Paypal, where you can login in to pay or pay as a guest.


On returning to our website, you will be on the Order Received page where you will find the Download button.

You may encounter a warning message from your browser or anti-virus software, which you will have to over-ride.

The database package will be downloaded to your Downloads file.

Note that only two downloads are possible per purchase. You are advised to backup the downloaded file.

If you encounter difficulties with purchasing the download, please go to the Contacts page and send your enquiry to ”General Enquiries”

Uninstall Previous Versions

If you have a previous version, you must uninstall it before reinstalling!

Go to the Canley button on the Family History Group via Start and right click.

You then get an option to uninstall


Go to downloads. Right click on the downloaded file.

Select ‘Open with’ and choose Windows Explorer.

Click on setup.exe.

Accept all the default settings.

If you get a message saying that installation files are not newer than on the computer, select ‘Yes’ to retain existing files.

When the installation is completed, start the database by going to the Start Menu (The Windows button).

Select the ‘Family History’ group.

Select the new program.

If you have difficulties installing or running the database program, please go to the Contacts page and send your enquiry to “CD Technical Help”.