Christmas 2022 Antiques Quiz

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At the December 2022 Society meeting, we had a fun quiz where we had to try to value an assortment of antique objects.  The objects were presented by our visitor Janet Wroe, who also led the session.

We split into teams (including the ‘Zoomers”, who also acted as a team) and each team was given a ‘budget’ of £400 to spend across the eight items that were presented to us: a flat iron, candle snuffer, condiment set, Doulton jug, inkwell, lorgnette, top hat and a wine set.  Our objective was to score points by correctly guessing the value of each but keeping the total to our £400 ‘budget’.  The team who scored the most points won.

We thought it would be fun to allow all members, including those who couldn’t attend the session on the night, to try their luck.  This booklet gives you pictures of the items together with the notes that we saw on the night.  See if you can guess the value of each and then check your answers against the actual valuations.

Have fun and good luck!