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Women in 20th century Coventry


Redressing the Balance


Redressing the Balance was first published in September 1999 following an intense year of research and interviews by members of the Women’s Research Group. This group was set up in the summer of 1998 by five women who were part of the ‘Learning in Later Life’ initiative at Coventry University, including lecturer Cathy Hunt. With the encouragement of the university, more members were recruited and it lent its support to the aim of producing a book about the achievements of Coventry women in the twentieth century.

Too often women’s history is ignored or side-tracked in favour of that of men. This book was planned and executed to redress that balance, to recognise the contribution that women have made to the history of Coventry. Too much of the history of women has been lost already, but the Women’s Research Group are continuing to record the lives of Coventry women after more than a decade. It is hoped that reading these articles will encourage other women to write down their own account of life in the past and not allow these important memories to be lost.

The group also hopes that the articles in this book will inspire the younger generation to ask questions of their older relations and record them for posterity. All of these stories are important and should not be forgotten.

This Book is no longer available in paper format and is Downloadable as a pdf file