Pawnbroker’s Tickets (1915 – 1923)


There are 11,144 records in the pawn ticket database, dating from 24/04/1915 to 03/10/1923.



This data was transcribed by Coventry Family History members from a quantity of pawnbroker’s tickets discovered in an attic in Far Gosford Street, Coventry. The tickets were in very poor condition in a number of plastic bags and were dirty and difficult to handle and read. Consequently the recovered data is unchecked and less reliable than we would like and only a proportion of the tickets were transcribed. Despite this, it can be used as a social history tool, giving an insight into pawn-broking during and immediately after the First World War. You can see what items people pawned, how much they were loaned and how often.
If you are fortunate enough to uncover one of you ancestors, this is a bonus!