Making the Best of Things


Life during the War Years


Making the Best of Things


The last war was the first in which ordinary citizens, at home, were involved. Life had to go on and it was mainly the women who bore the brunt of the hardships facing families. They showed their adaptability and creativity both in the kitchen and concerning other areas of the home, coping with rationing and restricted supplies of other commodities.

We also interviewed those women whose childhood was disrupted. Separation from parents through evacuation to safer areas, for many was an enjoyable experience, but for others it was a traumatic one. Readers cannot fail to be moved by Doreen Howarth’s account of events.

Many schools had to change to alternative premises, either because of war damage or the site was being used for air raid shelters or First Aid Posts. On the whole the children dealt well with the changes. Dances, concerts and cinema going provided relaxation. Films boosted morale, but it was radio programmes that provided the most entertainment. All helped to keep spirits up.