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Leisure & Pleasure (1950s-60s)

In this, our seventh book we look mainly at women’s recreational activities in the 1950s and 1960s.



Leisure & Pleasure (1950s-60s) – HALF PRICE (inc UK P&P)

In this, our seventh book we look mainly at women’s  recreational activities.

Undoubtedly the 1950s and 60s was a golden age for dancing.  It saw considerable changes in the lives of young people as current  fashion trends reflected the spirit of the age. Newly affluent teenagers  had money with which to indulge themselves. Nowhere was this more  evident than in dance halls, of which Coventry had many.

Amateur dramatics and musical groups are still thriving, particularly  The Criterion Theatre and also the Coventry Melody Makers.

Many women make time to organise activities voluntarily,  for younger people. The Girl Guides and The Girls’ Brigade are the  two examples given.

Cinema going declined as television became popular.  The Hippodrome, too, suffered from a fall in audience numbers.  It attempted to keep going by inviting the very popular ‘Big Bands’.  Finally, it became a bingo hall until it was forced to close. However,  over the years it had provided quality entertainment as is shown by  Emma Blunn’s memoir as Wardrobe Mistress to the leading artistes.