Herbert Edward Cox (A Coventry Artist)


 Illustrated with Paintings and Sketches


Herbert Edward Cox


I first became aware of Herbert Edward Cox in the early 1970’s when viewing his water colours of Old Coventry in the lobby of the Coventry City Council House. Being an amateur artist with the Triumph Art Society and having a love of the Coventry ‘as it was,’ I was full of admiration for the pictures and was determined to own one for myself. Some years later, on passing an art shop in Earlsdon I saw one of his water colours for sale in its window and without hesitation, bought it.

Some years later, his daughter, Cynthia Archer, advertised the sale of some of his works in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. I was fortunate enough to be invited to her home to purchase further pictures and sketches.

I have since endeavoured to piece together his progression through life but have found it difficult to find and collate information. Despite the unknowns I have put this booklet together which, I hope, gives an insight into his life, knowing there are many areas still untapped.

Les Neil, Summer 2017