Canley Gardens Cemetery Database Download




Important Note: CovFHS Databases will only run under Microsoft Windows operating system.

You are advised to read the help file before ordering this download.

This database holds a transcription of the 27,135 records in the burial and scatterings registers from the opening of the gardens in 1943 to 30th December 1994. (The first burial recorded was 27th February 1943 although records obtained only show the year) The database contains burials and scatterings within the gardens, and NOT the actual cremations that took place. These are in separate record books held at Coventry Bereavement Services.

Some ashes were taken by relatives who may not have scattered them in a standard plot, and Bereavement Services may have no record of these.

The database, the associated program and the cemetery maps are downloaded in a single Zip file. Depending on the browser and virus protection software you are using, you may encounter warning messages that downloading a Zip file is potentialy unsafe. If you do not wish to ignore this warning message, please do not purchase this download. We cannot reimburse users who  download and then fail to install the software. After purchase, the download will be available for 7 days.