Courtaulds Register of Hands on CD


This database is also available as a Download.



This is the  re-release  of this database, which has been re-written for Windows 10.

To follow the Family History Federation advice ,  the database has been held back until we were sure that all persons included were over the age of 100 and can safely be regarded as deceased.

The data runs covers some of  the earliest years of Courtaulds in Coventry from  1909 to 1932.

In 1932 the youngest person mentioned was 14 years old, making him 102, if still alive today.

There are 28,626 records, which include name, age, address, start date, and department.

Records are searchable on name, address and clock number.

The CD is now available from our bookshop.

Unfortunately, these records are no longer stored in Coventry making this database the only easy method of access.