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Coventry Family History Society

Member of the Federation of Family History Societies

About the Society

The Society was formed in 1994 to fulfill a growing need and to promote and encourage the study of family history, genealogy and local history in relation to the City of Coventry and its environs.

The Society

It is flourishing by providing help and support to a growing number of people researching their Coventry ancestors, or ancestors of those who moved to Coventry from various parts of the country. As the family history movement generally expands it becomes easier to carry out research from a distance but the most information is obtainable from local sources.

To support people, who do not live local to Coventry, the Society now offers postal search facilities.

Membership Forms

If you wish to join, or to renew your membership, please complete an Application Form.

If you wish to complete a Standing Order form, click here.

The Members Interests form can be accessed by clicking here.

These forms open as PDFs.

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Sample article

A quarterly journal is produced containing a variety of articles concerned with local and family history. Members’ views and details of members’ research interests are included together with reports of meetings and local events. Project work is an integral part of our operations and a long list of projects have been completed and dovetailed into national schemes.

Much of the completed work carried out by members is now available in our own publications, descriptions of which can be seen on the bookshop pages. Future projects are being investigated.