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Coventry Family History Society

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Item costs and postage & packing costs are all quoted in Pounds Sterling.
Excess p&p on multi-item orders will be refunded (usually as postage stamps) with goods.
Airmail rates - please ask for a quote from See our order form for details of how to order.

CFHS Databases on USB Flash Drives

Many laptop computers are now supplied without optical drives.
However, CFHS can now offer our databases on USB memory sticks.
Due to the higher cost of the sticks, there is a small additional charge of £1.25 for each one which will be made on request.
Contact our bookshop manager to place an order.

Coventry & District Parish Registers

Format Cost UK p&p
Holy Trinity, Coventry, (published by BMSGH) Indices for Baps, Marrs, Burials approx 1561-1839 [To Order] CD 15.00 1.00
Holy Trinity, Coventry (Published by Coventry FHS)      
Burial Registers 1837 - 1900 CD 5.00 1.00
London Road Version 3 CD (Published by Coventry FHS)      
Complete Burial Registers 1847 - 1972, plus Monumental Inscriptions and Cemetery Maps
Non-Members @£15 + £1 p/p
Members (Please quote Membership Number) 10% discount @ £13.50 + £1 p/p
CD 15.00 1.00
St Michael, Coventry, (published by BMSGH) [To Order]      
(Indices for Baps, Marrs & Burials approx 1640-1837)  CD 15.00 1.00
St Paul's Burials (pub.CovFHS) CD 5.00 1.00
Foleshill Parish Registers - 1564-1837 (pub.CovFHS) CD 5.00 1.00